Mayti, LLC - Your Wipe Products

Your wipe is a trademark of MAYTI LLC. Within Your Wipe Brand,we have specially designed single pack wet towels as our product. We have come up with this idea because people have been more careful about their hygiene lately. With these promotional use single pack wet wipes, Your valued customers feel refreshed and your brand recognition increase immediately.

YourWipe hand cleaning towels, designed for individual customers to use in most restaurants, food related market, at expo's as promotional product or as flyer, also at the most of the festivals. We can print whatever you would like to have on the package of our product. Thus, you can have products which shows your signature/symbol/logo to your costumers. We have a special design team so you don’t need to worry about making designs. In addition, we can take your logos from your menu, business card or wherever you want.

Your Wipe products can be easily fit to every business model because of the customizable front design, you can use our product as an advertisements of your own business. You can also use our product for your events and campaigns. This will also helps for the business to grow public image, keeping them clean and advertise your business. In this model of advertisement you will be promoting your own business and you will be reaching to every individuals because of the every individual pack of YourWipe.

Don’t ignore the Innovative Future,

Be Clean with YourWipe Hand Cleaning Wipes

and have a Better service with Happy Customers.

Cem Aytac
7945 Silverton Avenue 1104