Biosynth International, Inc.

Biosynth Carbosynth® is the new global brand created by the merger of two key players in the fine chemicals market. We offer an impressive collection of specialty chemicals and no chemistry is too hard for us – if we don’t have a compound, we’ll make it! We are big enough to think and act globally, yet small enough to be flexible and innovative.

We are big – We are the supplier of choice for many institutions in the pharmaceutical, life science, food, agrochemistry, cosmetic and diagnostic sectors. We manufacture and source a vast range of chemical and biochemical products and specialise in carbohydrates, nucleosides, antimicrobials, APIs, enzyme substrates and natural products. Our facilities are based on three continents with manufacturing laboratories in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Slovakia and China, and distribution centres in the United States. Our R&D resources and production facilities are modern and versatile, allowing us to produce chemicals on the milligram to ton scale.

We are small – We work in small teams with lean and agile management and rapid communication channels. We are flexible and respond quickly and efficiently to customer and market needs.

We are innovative - We love developing new products and keeping close relationships with our customers and product experts. Ambitious R&D programs lie at the heart of our culture and our research has generated an impressive portfolio of intellectual property such as our AquaSpark® product line of novel chemiluminescence.

We are chemistry experts - Custom synthesis is a fast-growing part of our business. We have top industry expertise in enzyme substrates, building blocks for organic synthesis as well as carbohydrate and nucleoside chemistry. In addition, quality is our absolute priority and we operate according to the ISO and GMP quality standards.

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